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YouTube as a tool for your digital marketing is a social media platform for videos with more than 2 billion users, and more than 30 million people use it daily. So a large audience already for marketing your brands to potential customers.

Videos are means of engaging an audience and can be helpful for many types of businesses. For example, creating a YouTube channel as a platform to engage your would be customers of your business brand.

YouTube is all about sharing video content with everyone, which can be accessible to either a subscriber or not. As the global market tilts towards video content, YouTube is an excellent platform to advertise and create brand awareness.

There is so much involved in using YouTube as a tool for your digital marketing to market and grow your brand audience for a business owner. Here’s how to maneuver your way around it;

Create a YouTube Channel

tanzacomputer youtube profile

First, create a channel for your brand. By setting up a business YouTube account to upload videos and engage users and give them an avenue to like, share, and comment you will be creating awareness as per your business brand.

✓ Set up an account

✓ Create a business channel

✓ Customize your YouTube profile.

After creating a channel as a YouTuber, the next thing is advertising your brands.

How to use YouTube as a tool for your digital marketing

Having worked on your brand, from scriptwriting to creating videos, the next thing is how to reach your target audience. Running a couple of YouTube ads is one of the ways to ensure your brand reaches the target audience.

There are several types of YouTube video ads in which, as a business owner, you can invest in;

1. Video Discovery Ads

trueview in-stream youtube ad

This type of ad pops up on the YouTube home page, search results pages, and YouTube Videos watch pages related to the video.  It appears on the screen after searching for videos on YouTube.  Once a user clicks on the ad, the destination video page features a spot on the right-hand column where a banner display ad will show.

2.  True View In-Screen Ads 

discovered youtube ad

Otherwise known as skippable ads, they are the standard video ad on YouTube it plays before, during, or after other videos. For example, TrueView In-Screen Ads display on the screen before viewers watch the video they selected to watch.  Sometimes, viewers have the option to skip the ads after watching for five seconds. In addition, in-Screen Ads allow marketers to customize video ads with different (Call-To-Action, CTAs) and overlay texts.

3.  Non-Skippable In-Screen Ads

non-skipperable youtube ads

As the name implies, Non-Skippable ads can play before, in between, and at the end of the main video, and it lasts for 15-20 seconds.  Because the viewer can’t skip it, the videos are best created with a CTA to create an impression on the viewer.  In other words, encourage viewers to click on your ad and receive something in return, especially during festive seasons, and advertise your brand’s new stocks.

4.  Overlay Ads

overlay ads-youtube

Overlay ads are banner ads displayed beneath the video. This type of ad is best for supplementing other In-Screen video Ads.  Overlay Ads are one of the ways to avoid advertising your brands in any intrusive manner.

How To Advertise On YouTube.

Launch an Ad Campaign:

 After creating your marketing video, you want to advertise on YouTube, the first thing is to;

✓ create a video ad campaign

✓ Goal and campaign type

✓ Campaign subtype and strategy

✓ Set a budget

✓ Choose networks, locations, and demographics

✓ Add related videos

✓ Add the video creative and the link for the video.

✓ Create a campaign.

YouTube Tricks and Tips

• Create calls to action and a YouTube end slate

• Encourage viewers to subscribe to your brand’s YouTube channel

• Share your videos on your other social media platforms

• Partner with popular YouTubers to place products

• Update content regularly and engage with similar content uploaded by other YouTubers.

Video content is an integral part of your marketing strategy. You can use YouTube as a tool for your digital marketing. This is even more real as YouTube lets marketers target users based on their search histories. As a result, YouTube advertising is more targeted than ever and used to be maximized efficiently.

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