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Twitter for Business- A digital Marketing Strategy 2022

To efficiently market your brands on Twitter, you must know what Twitter entails.

As one of the inbound marketing strategy;

• With the millions of people using Twitter daily, it can be a potent tool to create business awareness and grow a customer audience.

• It is easy to set up a Twitter for a business profile, but understanding how to navigate Twitter for business growing and business brand is completely a different thing.

The first thing is to set up a business Twitter account for your brand. Then execute the right marketing strategies to boost sales and brand recognition.

When creating your marketing strategies you should put in mind that the life span of tweet on your timeline is only 18 minutes.

How To Use Twitter For Business

Twitter is a social media platform that cuts across a large demographic and covers a wide range of audiences. As a business owner, there is the need to carefully consider how Twitter fits into your marketing idea and plan. Below are some means of using Twitter for business;


Hashtags are searchable words or phrases that group hundreds of tweets. It is a great way to create brand awareness and increase your visibility beyond your followers. It would be best if you use trending and relevant hashtags for your brands to draw traffic to your business. Make sure you limit the number of hashtags you use, so it doesn’t look dull.

Use Photos, GIFs, and Videos

Twitter allows the use of at most four photos for a post, adds high-quality photos, and creates excellent graphics that represents your brand;

The use of photos and GIFs in your tweets is one of the best means to connect with your followers. Creating polls on Twitter is another way to engage your followers and keep them interested in your brands.

Host and participate in Twitter chats

One effective means to engage your followers is to host a live chat specific to your brand. Twitter chats are straightforward but require a large and active follower base to be successful. Twitter chats are about several users discussing a specific topic simultaneously using hashtags. This is one way to grow your audience and share your brand. It is also a means of interacting with influencers and customers.

Advertising on Twitter for Business

Twitter advertising is an avenue for you to publicize and promote your brand; it’s also a way of reaching out to customers who might be interested in patronizing your brand. 

How do you run Twitter ads with many ultra-simple Twitter ads available with no minimum advertising budget?

There are various Twitter Ads to choose from to help achieve your brand goals;

Promoted Tweets

It is similar to regular tweets, but the difference is that an advertiser pays to display the brand to those who are not already following the brand on Twitter. It can be displayed in the form of an ad, liked, retweeted, and commented on.

It appears on the timelines and user profiles of the targeted audience, search results, and Twitter apps.

Promoted Accounts

As against promoting a tweet, this type of Twitter ad promotes your brand’s entire Twitter account. It is essential to target users who don’t follow your brand as it helps to grow your audience base. It is displayed on potential followers’ timelines, who to follow suggestions, and search results.

Promoted Trends

Promoted Trends are a collection of the most popular topics and hashtags being used at a specific time. Users see promoted trends as they see other trending topics, but this time, the spot a brand purchases will display as ‘promoted’ for target users.

Automated Ads

Twitter Promote Mode is basically for advertising, such that your brand’s first ten tweets are automatically added to promoted Tweets campaign and your target audience.

In this space, your brand usually tweets, but Twitter Promote Mode automatically promotes your brand and its profile.

How To Advertise On Twitter for Business

✓ Set up a Twitter ads account

✓ Choose your advertising objectives

✓ Set up an ad group and a bidding

✓ Target your desired audience

✓ Choose ad placement

✓ Launch your campaign.

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