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TikTok for Digital Marketing- How to use it for your business

Do you know that TikTok for digital marketing is a great platform to reach the younger audience with your brands? Learn the strategies you need to market your brand by reaching a younger audience and promoting your brands.

• A higher percentage of TikTok users, about 90%, are young adults younger than 50. Nearly every young adult uses the TikTok app to post a video or watch videos.

•TikTok is a potent tool for increasing the audience, consumer engagement, and creativity.

In the rank of the latest and most widespread social media platforms is TikTok. This app is now a mashup of Twitter, Instagram, and the likes, with over 1 billion users and 689 million active users who create content short music-focused videos and edit them with features such as filters, lenses, and AR features. Initially, it was rampant amongst teens, but now the young adults have been initiated into it, making it a reasonable bid for business owners aiming at the millennial and Generation Z audience.

  With its booming popularity in engagement marketing today, TikTok is an excellent avenue for business enterprises to advertise their brands.

How To Use TikTok for digital marketing

According to Mike Prasad (Founder and CEO of TinySponsor), “For a business to be successful on TikTok, they need to first be active on TikTok.”

 Get used to the app by spending quality time on it to see how well it works, follow the app’s most popular users and try to imitate what they do by creating content daily till you become a pro. Your ability to use the app will be difficult without constant practice, making it irrelevant.

 At this point, authenticity comes to play; create videos and memes within your business sphere. It is essential to only drop content promoting your brands, contributing to your specific goals, and reaching your target audience.

 Ads On TikTok

TikTok is a platform that supports ads like; Brand Takeover Ads, Branded Effects, Branded Hashtags Challenges, Topview ads, and In-Feed Ads. Each ad serves different purposes and hence a varying degree of outcome depending on the type of campaign for which it is being utilized.

Brand Takeover Ads.

Just as the name implies, it pops up on the screen as soon as the user opens the app and takes over the screen for a few seconds before it changes into an In-Feed video ad. It also pops up on the “For You Page” as still videos and images with clickable links that lead to the main pages within TikTok.

Branded Effects.

Branded effects allow businesses to create an ad with their customized filter on the app. The ads can last up to 10 days at a time on the app.

Branded Hashtags Challenges.

It entails users creating catchy videos or performing for the products and uploading them with specified hashtags. The ads show up at the top of the discovery page.

Topview Ads.

It is a bit similar to Brand Takeover, but the difference is that it does not take over the screen upon signing in. Instead, it occupies the first In-Feed posts after 3 seconds by showing up to 60 seconds of full screen with sound and auto-play.

In-Feed Ads.

As users scroll through the “For You Page,” it pops up as video ads displayed on the native news feed. However, creating attractive full-screen In-Feed ads stops users from scrolling through. Instead, they can view, like, comment, share, and interact with the TikTok advertising videos.

How To Run Ads on TikTok

It is straightforward to run ads on TikTok; the TikTok advertising platforms automate the ad creation processes, creating, delivering, and optimizing ads.

✓ Install the TikTok pixel on your website.

✓ Set up a campaign and create an Ad group.

✓ Create An Ad and follow the TikTok Ad policy.

Tips On Using TikTok  

TikTok is a very potent social media marketing tool that can be quickly adopted by nearly every business. However, take note of the following, 

✓ Discover prevalent trends amidst your target audience.

✓ Be very creative in your approach.

✓ Participate in TikTok challenges.

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