LinkedIn is a platform for people to connect with like-minded in their industry hence a place to drive qualitative B2B traffic to your brand.

LinkedIn-An effective tool for Marketing

LinkedIn For Digital Marketing is one of the most professional online platforms that is very effective for marketing.

LinkedIn For Digital Marketing has about 310 million monthly active users compared to other social media platforms with higher users, yet it has the most lucrative audience compared to the other social media like facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

• LinkedIn is a platform for people to connect with like-minded in their industry hence a place to drive qualitative B2B traffic to your brand.

• It is a channel to reach those who aren’t that active on most other social networks but could have a significant impact on your brand’s sales and grow your audience.

On LinkedIn, you can;

✓ create long-form content related to your brand using LinkedIn tools.

✓ Post engaging and exciting stories and content about your brands on the newsfeed.

✓ Use bits of your advertising budget to sell your brands to your target audience to create business leads for you.


LinkedIn is very different from other social media platforms such that it is not about fun but about building business audiences and relationships.

For LinkedIn marketing, your strategy should be on developing connections with prospective customers, creating leads, promoting your brand awareness, and sharing engaging content to generate the right traffic to your page or website.

On LinkedIn For Digital Marketing, you gain access to valuable features related to analytics, connections, brand-building, etc.

LinkedIn content marketing strategy is a strategy that you can use to take your brand to the next level.

Using LinkedIn For Digital Marketing

How can you use your content to reach your target audience and achieve your goals?

✓ Create a user account for yourself

✓ Create a LinkedIn company page for your brand.

✓ Optimize your page by using translations, adding keywords in your description, hashtags, branded cover images, and adding a custom button.

✓ Build your page following

✓Execute your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

 It’s marketing tips

LinkedIn is a competitive platform where every business owner wants to advertise their brands; you have to know how to market your brands to attract the right audience.

Here are some tips;

Learn from It’s Analytics.

Measuring your marketing goals is only realistic with accurate and timely analytics. LinkedIn has built-in analytics to tell you the basics; all you need do is to access the tools.

Optimize your posts.

The LinkedIn algorithm aims to show users more of what they want to see and less of what they don’t. Make your posts about your brands more visual because posts with visuals have a higher percentage of viewers than text-only posts.

Keep your post copy short and add links to the complete content, including two to three hashtags relevant to your brand, including Call-To-Action (CTAs), and finally, respond quickly and nicely to comments to engage your audience.

How to Use LinkedIn For Digital Marketing


Four out of every five LinkedIn users can determine business purchase decisions. Thus, ads can be highly successful. There are many LinkedIn ads format to choose from, depending on your brand type;

✓ Sponsored posts

✓ Sponsored text ads

✓ Sponsored job ad listings

✓ Photo carousel ads

✓ Sponsored messaging.

Networking with similar brands.

Networking is one great tool on LinkedIn; you have the opportunity to grow your network by creating groups. However, you can’t join groups with the brand page but with a personal profile. In this group, you have the privilege to share content and articles from your brand page with everyone in the group.

Joining this group is a great tool to build your network connections and grow your audience on your page.

 LinkedIn Marketing Tools.

Having talked about the strategies and modes of marketing, what are the tools can be used to achieve these means;

(1) Hoot suite.

It helps achieve numerous LinkedIn strategies ranging from post planning, auto-scheduling, placing Ads, swift response to comments to best-in-class analytics, and more.

(2) Slide share.

Making your posts more engaging and exciting by adding infographics makes them highly shareable, increasing your audience.

(3) Adobe Creative Cloud Express.

It helps create accessible and attractive visuals and professional-quality videos right from your device. It also has a template library for expertly designed pieces to help grow your brand.

Are you ready to use LinkedIn marketing for your business? Contact our professional to help you get started.

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