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Instagram for Business- How to use it

Instagram is a potent tool for Business. Here’s how to make the best use of it.

• Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms that serve as a potent and valuable tool for digital marketing.

• You don’t have an account? Create a business account and get started on the app.

• You already have an account? Advertise your brand using Instagram ads and get started.

      Instagram is a fast-growing photo-oriented social media platform used by different categories of people across the globe. Instagram also has many business features available to only those who create a business account on the app.

How To Create An Instagram Business Account

It is vital for those who don’t have an account yet to create one and convert it to a business account.

✓ Create an Instagram account

✓ Convert your personal Instagram account to a business account

Follow the steps for setting up your professional account, including completing your profile, choosing other businesses to follow on the app, inviting friends to follow your page, and exploring professional tools. Tap DONE to finish creating your professional account.

How To Use Instagram For Business

Instagram tools for business marketing include; photos, ads, reels, and stories. Here are some fundamentals to help kick start the process;

• Add high-quality professional photos

Instagram is a photo-based social media platform, hence the need to share and post quality, visually engaging content to promote your brands.

• Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories

Instagram stories comprise photos, videos, and more posted and disappear after 24 hours of posting. You can use it to create attractive videos on brands that draw the viewer’s attention. In addition, hashtags and stickers can be added to stories to further promote the brands.

• Use Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels are short (60 seconds long) but entertaining videos that can help throw your brands into the limelight. Instagram Reels can be used to promote a new product of your brand or spread awareness about your brand, but there are specific steps to increase your views;

✓ Improve your Reels with all the tools provided on the app, as it helps to put together videos that promote your brand in a quick but effective way. Stick to a Reels cover image that consistently portrays your brands; it may be your logo. This helps viewers identify your brands.

✓ Introduce your reels with eye-catchy and trendy content that represents your brands. An exciting opening usually encourages repeated viewing, and through that, you grow your audience.

✓ Use of hashtags. Hashtags help increase your views by creating a searchable archive of reels that remains on Instagram permanently. They also help create a genuine social media customer base where other users can know the context of your Reels. Use relevant hashtags, and don’t make them excessive. It is an effective tool for advertising.

✓ Share your Reels to Feed. Your Feed is a great tool to boost engagement with your Reels. By sharing your Instagram Reels to Feed, it’s a guarantee that your content gets seen by more viewers without spending money on higher ranking in

searches. To share your Reels to Feed, you must toggle the slide button next to “Also Share to Feed” on the Reels sharing page. It should consist of trending sounds because Instagram algorithms generally populate the Feed with videos featuring a sound that can attract more interest among users. So not just the Feed but the music also matters.

Indeed Instagram Reels are good tools for creating brand awareness as it boosts engagement with other viewers. As a business owner, endeavor to get the most out of your Reels and be sure to create something that people recognize right away, even if they don’t know what is written in the description text.

Advertising on Instagram

Businesses can be advertised on Instagram, but there are a few options to consider;

• Create an Instagram ad; there are different types of Instagram ads that you can use for a campaign;

✓ Video ads.

✓ Photo ads.

✓ Collection ads.

✓ Stories ads.

✓ Explore ads.

How To Advertise On Instagram Business.

• Select the right tool, Facebook Ads Manager

• Choose your objectives

• Choose your target audience

• Select the placement

• Set up your budget and schedule

• Choose the proper format

• Publish your ad

• Track your performance.

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