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Podcast For your Digital Marketing | Complete Guide

Podcast for your digital marketing have over 2 million monthly active users with no age barrier as everyone listens to podcasts.

Podcasts are an online business idea that one can begin in earnest without high startup costs.

To Use podcasts for business, the first thing is to figure out your target audience and format of operation before starting.

After getting the basics right, invest in purchasing high-quality equipment.

Given that podcasts’ ability to build audience engagement is vital, business owners and marketers have capitalized on it for popularity. As a podcaster, you can position yourself as an authority in a particular field, which will help influence clients and customers to encourage them to purchase your products and invest in your business or promote it via social media platforms.

What is a podcast for your digital marketing?

A podcast is an audio series available online. Similar to a TV show, it consists of episodes and seasons. Listeners can subscribe and tune in to specific podcasts and download episodes as they become available and listen to them at a convenient time. All you need to tune in to a podcast is a smartphone or a computer, and you’re connected.

Why do you need a podcast for your digital marketing?

• You can reach your audience anytime, even on the go. For example, it may be hard to read a blog while walking but listening to a podcast is convenient and relaxed.

• Nearly everyone has access to a smartphone to listen to it. With your smartphone, you can download and listen to podcasts.

• It is a neutral platform; every gender and age-grade access it equally. Hosting a podcast appeals to everyone equally.

How To Create Podcasts for your digital marketing.

how to create a podcast

• Have a podcast focus; choose your topic and audience.

As a business owner, talk on topics that relate to marketing and promoting your brands. Choose an appealing name that sounds great, and decide on your operation format.

• Define your style.

Your content must be engaging and authentic to reach the target audience. Also, decide on the length of your podcasts and how frequently you’ll release new episodes monthly.

• Get the right equipment.

Embellish and upload your podcasts using voice-overs, music, cover art, and other tools. Your page setup and style can either attract or push away your audience.

Launch and promote your podcasts.

Podcasts can be a call-to-action tool. For example, pull a tip from your podcast and post it on social media, which will prompt readers to listen to that podcast episode.

How To Use Podcasts For Brand Promotion.

Having known the benefits of podcasts and how to use them, how can you as a business owner use them to promote your brands and products?

Discuss trending and hot topics.

Podcasts are a means to discuss the trending news and hot topics with your audience. Especially if there’s a piece of important news or topic related to your niche, enlighten your audience more about it by sharing your thoughts and opinions. You can reach your target audience and grow your business through this means.

Position yourself as an expert, not an amateur.

If you know so much about a specific topic to fill up a space of 30-45 minute podcasts, you’re already an expert. If you’re sharing your valuable insights and ideas freely with others, they’ll come to see you as an authority and treat you as such.

Use Your Podcasts to advertise your brand.

Having gained your audience’s attention from your previous episodes, before you kick start a new episode, take 3-5minutes to advertise your brand and share the link to your website address with them. You never can tell who your potential clients are among your audience.

Use podcast directories as an opportunity for exposure.

Podcast users can stumble on your post from searching the podcast directory for a specific topic or post. This is one of the means to increase brand awareness and grow your audience as well.

You can turn podcasts into blog articles.

You can as well repurpose your podcast into a blog post. Then, without typing, you can offer a podcast transcription on your blog.

      Podcast for your digital marketing best practices.

There are a few best practices you should note;

  • Just like your brand and blog, your podcast should also be niche targeted to a specific audience. 
  • Advertise on other social media platforms.
  • Create a Call-To-Action (CTA).

Do you have a plan to use Podcast for your digital marketing? We have you covered, just check on us today.

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