free email marketing tools for business 2022

Free Email Marketing Tools For Digital Business 2022

Free Email marketing tools for digital business that will help you grow your business.

Email Marketing is one of the top platforms for effective content marketing, but without the right tools business, Owners are at the risk of folding up. Email marketing tools are available only to business owners who want to take their time to learn how to use the tools.  However, several free tools are available for businesses at a lesser cost on time.

Getting the right tool is the first step toward executing an effective email marketing plan. Here are some tools that are ideal for businesses:

(1) Constant Contact.

constant contact email marketing

This tool has all the features to create a personal and professional email. It also has a user-friendly interface and a range of prices for business budgets. In addition, it has a free trial budget that allows users to try out all software features.

(2) Benchmark Email.

benchmark email

This tool is one of the cheapest marketing tools that offers many features to users, such as editing; the editing tool has features to add and edit images by adding other image effects such as filters and texts to make the design look great. In addition, this view feature allows access to email design in editing it, which simplifies the entire email creation process. It also consists of in-built templates for almost all business categories.

(3) Mailchimp.

mailchimp email marketing tool

This is a perfect tool for free email marketing options. It is has the best free plan and allows users to send and receive thousands of messages. This free plan comes with many basic email marketing features like email creation and scheduling. Not only that, it provides compelling audience insights to optimize your marketing goals and plans. Mailchimp allows for automating emails at crucial steps in selling to customers, quickly sending out welcome and appreciation emails, order confirmations, abandoned cart reminders, and more.

(4) Moosend.

moosend email marketing tool

This tool allows for automating recurrent tasks, which in turn saves time. It has features that audience-specific email campaigns based on the subscribers’ details and activities over time. Its advanced segmentation features can also send the correct emails to each subscriber, increasing the click-through rate. It also provides a concise campaign review to help optimize campaigns to get better results.

(5) EmailOctopus.

email octopus marketing tool

This is a straightforward tool that operates on the Amazon SES infrastructure. Like some other tools, it has a range of plans and a free plan inclusive. The free plan does not allow for effectively using the software, yet it allows for sending out massive emails from many email addresses. In addition, it works alongside apps like WordPress, MailOptin, etc., to easily exchange subscriber information among many different tools.

(6) MailerLite

mailerlite email marketing tool

This is a free email marketing tool with advanced tools like the pop-up customizer, quality text editor, drag an email builder, in-built photo editor, and landing page builder. These tools are used to create professional and beautiful emails. It also helps create landing pages that tally the emails sent, improving opportunities for driving conversions. In addition, it offers comprehensive email campaign reviews that contain essential statistics and activities like open rate and unsubscribe rate. This helps to take account of the audience being reached with your messages.

(7) SendPulse.

sendpulse email marketing tool

This is one of the most popular email tools for business owners because of its email marketing features. It has numerous professional in-built designed templates that are easy to use with the drag and drop editor. It also has a subscriber rate feature to identify valuable subscribers. This feature allows for viewing and open and click rates, read and unread rates of every subscriber.

How To Effectively Use Email Marketing Tools for digital business

• Send mobile-friendly and high-quality emails to your subscribers. 70% of internet users are mobile phone owners; hence your emails should be mobile-friendly designs.

• Segment your subscribers to reach the right audience with only relevant information. This is a means of engaging your subscribers and growing your target audience.

• Do promotional giveaways. Giving out freebies and offering discounts can increase your subscriber rate and your income.

• Send short subject lines and detailed emails. Subject lines are paramount to your email marketing strategies; hence make it short; it doesn’t have to be bulky and lengthy.

Do you want to know more about email marketing tools for your business? Please contact us today, we will take care of everything regarding your digital business.

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